Pricing A New Roof

Three Questions To Determine Fair And Honest New Roof Pricing

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If you are in the Baltimore, Maryland area and considering having your roof replaced. Ask yourself and your contractors these questions to determine fair and honest new roof pricing.

What does an affordable new roof look like? Am I paying too much or too little? Believe it or not, there is a balanced approach to answering these questions. If you are someone that cares about your greatest investment, your home, then the topic of a new or replacement roof should warrant some diligent research. Something you should consider are warranties that are actually protecting you. At Amazing Home Contractors, we believe that protection for our customer is very important. How do we protect our customers? By providing our customers with the best installation, of the best products, with the industry’s best guarantee.

What materials are being used?

GAF CertifiedLet?s start with the best installation. We are a certified GAF contractor. What does that mean? It means that we have undergone testing and training to ensure the manufacturers, that we, Amazing and its partners, are qualified to install their products. At Amazing, we utilize North America?s leading provider for roofing materials. The GAF roofing system is a series of products that when put together, offer you, the homeowner, with a lifetime of protection. From the lifetime architectural shingle to the synthetic underlayment that could, by itself, without a shingle on your roof, keep your home dry for 180 days.

Who is installing my new roof?

Products like these, installed by a contractor like us, produces a lifetime roofing system that is worth it for you the customer. Another reason as to why it?s worth is that the warranty is transferrable if you sell your home and the entire roof system warranty covers labor cost for the lifetime of the roof! These are just a couple of the high points as to why you should purchase a GAF roofing system, and a better system plus warranty.

How much of the cost can be explained?

Now the elephant in the room: how much does this cost? At Amazing Home Contractors, we believe in being upfront with our customers. It is especially important to be upfront in the area of cost. Have you experienced an in-home consultation with one of our competitors that started super high in cost, and then when they saw the look on your face the discounts started flying? How does that make you feel? What if you didn?t question the price? That?s right! They would have taken advantage of you. At Amazing Home Contractors, we give you a competitive price that is fair. It will ensure that you the homeowner are getting the highest quality job for the most affordable price.

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